Holiday villa in the heart of Garfagnana

The road to Villa Raffaelli is very easy

Getting to Villa Raffaelli is easy. The Villa is an hour’s drive from the city of Lucca, an hour and thirty from Pisa, and about two hours from Florence. We always recommend going through Lucca, avoiding the road from Aulla as it is very winding.

From the A11/ E76 highway, take the Lucca Est exit to get to Lucca. At this point follow the directions as given in “Arriving from Lucca.”

Pass from Via Statale 12 to reach Lucca, then follow the signs for Castelnuovo di Garfagnana as indicated in “Coming from Lucca”.

To reach Lucca, take the Lucca Est exit of the motorway, then follow the signs for Castelnuovo di Garfagnana: after the circumvallation around the tree-lined walls of Lucca, take the Garfagnana Regional Road 445 which, like Fondovalle, runs the stretch up to Castelnuovo Garfagnana: a few minutes after the Campia bridge, about 4 km before Castelnuovo Garfagnana, there is a detour towards Fosciandora; leaving the Fondovalle go uphill for 3Km to the town of Fosciandora where, after the car park and the small playground, there is an indication for Lupinaia on the left and for La Bora on the right, while in the center there is a small slope that leads at Villa Raffaelli. Parking is in front of the villa or at the beginning of the slope.

Warning. The navigator will advise you to go by SRT445, but in reality it is not advisable to go by this winding road and it is better to prefer the A12/E 80 highway to Lucca and continue on the Fondovalle as indicated in “Arriving from Lucca.”

“E di qui, seguendo l’itinerario della mia guida, ti sarà agevol cosa compiere il giro di questa montuosa regione, ammirarne le bellezze... conoscere la Garfagnana compiutamente.”

Raffaello Raffaelli • 1876

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