Wellness Near Lucca in the nature of Garfagnana at Villa Raffaelli Holiday Home

Yoga silvoterapia ruscelli Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli
Wellness in Garfagnana: among Yoga in the nature, massages and sensory experiences, live unforgettable moments at Villa Raffaelli, a holiday villa immersed in the nature of Garfagnana a few kilometers from Lucca


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Wellness in Garfagnana: among Yoga in the nature, massages and sensory experiences

Villa Raffaelli is an original Tuscan villa from the 1500 immersed in the nature of the Garfagnana, a few kilometers from Lucca; it is the ideal holiday home for enjoying greenery, sports, art and history in total relaxation. Between a bath in the panoramic swimming pool and a relaxing hydromassage in the heated swimming pool, it is possible on request, to follow a real wellness program for the care of body and spirit. Your vacation is a break from everyday stress, so recharge your energy!

Only if you are staying at Villa Raffaelli, upon reservation, we will contact qualified operators for you who will be able to offer you the following services. Please note: the following services can be made available privately only to guests of the Villa and by reservation only! For more information on costs, times and days of single or group treatments and on accommodation prices, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yoga in the nature of Garfagnana near Lucca

What could be better than a relaxing experience like Yoga, a millenary practice that helps to balance and harmonize the body and spirit: if practiced in a wood, among trees and ferns, next to a waterfall or a stream, the sensation of the well-being it generates is multiplied: a qualified instructor will guide you in this sensory experience.

Yoga nella natura Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli

Balinese, Californian and Bamboo Massage

The Balinese massage is a holistic massage that combines physical stimulation with energetic stimulation by acting on the emotional and spiritual sphere. It makes use of the ritual of washing the feet with essential oils that precedes the complete body treatment performed with the characteristic Wave technique. The Californian massage is instead the classic relaxing massage for a psychophysical rebalancing, putting body and mind in contact. The Bamboo Massage takes advantage of the beneficial effect of the plant combined with the mechanical drainage of liquids, decontracting and detoxifying. All these massages are performed by an experienced physiotherapist.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

We offer you a journey into the experience of these ancient practices through the water form of master Wang, to connect to what we really are, in harmony with the Whole.

Tai Chi Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli

Art of the Shinrin-Yoku: immersion in the woods

The Japanese ritual to get rid of anxiety and stress. It is an adventure of profound communion with Nature that is practiced with walking or sitting meditation, in the woods, through rituals and mantras that connect your soul to the soul of the forest.

Immersione nei Boschi e Mindfulness Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli

Psychosomatic energy mindfulness techniques and Australian Flower Therapy

Experience an individual or group meeting of psychophysical well-being with Dr. Paola Torti. Through body awareness exercises in meditative movement in nature and in water, anxiety, stress and muscle tension are reduced. Always with the doctor you can carry out consultations and experiential workshops in nature accompanied by the vital energy of the Essences of Australian flowers collected in sacred aboriginal areas, an ancient wisdom for inner well-being.

Snehana Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments

Manual massages with warm oil, a real pampering for body, heart and mind.

Massaggi Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli

Crystal healing, and crystalline limbs

Treatments aimed at energy rebalancing thanks to the beneficial properties of the crystals that are placed on and around the body; the practitioner will use additional techniques such as Reiki or Sound Healing.

Foot reflex therapy and reflex massage

Using essential and vegetable oils, the foot and consequently the whole body are massaged to promote relaxation and psychophysical well-being. Promotes organic purification and promotes nerve and muscle relaxation and joint flexibility.

Reiki treatments

It is an ancient Japanese technique that uses man as an energy transmission channel. Using his hands, the operator releases this energy which, flowing, promotes psychophysical well-being.

Shiatsu massages and treatments

Through simple pressure on the points of the meridians of Chinese medicine, the normal flow of energy is restored, for relaxation and psychophysical well-being.

Sound therapy with tuning fork and group sound bath

The sound therapy with tuning fork uses this tool along the energy channels of the body for psycho-physical rebalancing. The group sound bath is an experience of deep relaxation, well-being and peace. Lying on the mat you can listen to the sounds of ancient instruments such as Gong, Tibetan bells and crystal, shamanic and oceanic drums: by entering into resonance with our frequencies, they will allow us to find our original frequency.

Massaggi Con Campane Tibetane Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli


A primordial practice of healing, where radioesthesia and energy surgery work on subtle bodies to regain psychophysical well-being.

Medical acupuncture

If you want to relieve those painful contractures that have been tormenting you for some time or if you need to treat deeper emotional tensions, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help you. For those who fear needles painless laser puncture can help too. Doctor Bonini Daniela, surgeon specializing in Clinical Posturology and graduated in Medical Acupuncture will perform a medical and postural examination. Acupuncture treats Osteoarticular Pain, Anxiety and Insomnia disorders, Headaches and Vertigo and many other pathologies.

Agopuntura Medica Wellness in Garfagnana a Villa Raffaelli



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