Lucca Holiday Villa Rentals: Rent your Holiday Home in Tuscany near Lucca

Villa Raffaelli is a Tuscan Lucca holiday villa located in the green valley of Garfagnana: it represents the ideal holiday home located in Tuscany to enjoy the incredible views of this area, where nature reigns uncontaminated and where you can carry out any type of activity. Also ideal location for those seeking for relaxation. Villa Raffaelli is a Lucca holiday house with two swimming pools where you can relax, even visiting the nearby thermal baths of Bagni di Lucca, just a few kilometers from Garfagnana. Villa Raffaelli is the best solution for villa rentals in Lucca, and here are some reasons why to choose it as your next holiday villa near Lucca.


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Rent a Lucca Holiday Villa and come to visit the unforgettable walled city

Choosing a Lucca holiday house means immersing yourself in the history of one of the most hospitable cities in Tuscany. A mixture of different styles of various historical periods, has given life to a place balanced in its diversity, and unique in its kind, easily admirable thanks to the position of our Lucca holiday house. Even in the case of Lucca holiday villa rentals for short periods (such as 1 week), it will be possible to taste the city’s best, visiting the buildings that have made its history.

Casa Vacanze vicino Lucca

Lucca holiday villas to discover Piazza dell’Anfiteatro

By renting a Lucca holiday villa you will be able to easily reach the main buildings of the city. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is the hub of this city. Its characteristic oval shape is due to its foundation on an ancient Roman amphitheater.

Piazza Anfiteatro Casa Vacanza Lucca e Dintorni

Lucca holiday house near Torre Guinigi 

Lucca holiday villa rentals also allow you to visit one of the ancient towers of the city: Torre Giunigi. From its 45 meters height it is possible to admire the city from above, directly from the hanging garden located on its top.

Torre Guinigi Lucca Casa Vacanze

Visit the walls of Lucca to experience the city, with Lucca holiday home rentals

Villa Raffaelli, in the space of Lucca holiday villas, is the ideal solution to reach the city center in an hour by car and to walk along the 4 kilometers of walls that surround it. An open-air gym, where you can do sports, walk, but above all relax and participate in events.


Benefits of short-term rental of a Lucca holiday house

Tuscan landscape, culture, food within reach of any Lucca holiday villa

The Tuscan landscape is envied by the whole world. For this reason Lucca holiday villas have become the new way of travelling and experiencing Tuscany. A way to get to the heart of what has been the scenario of films, books and plays. With a Lucca holiday house you can immerse yourself in the typical Tuscan culture of the good life and amazing food. Rolling hills alternate with high mountains, all interspersed with vineyards and rows of cypresses in the center of which is Villa Raffaelli, one of the most beautiful holiday villas near Lucca. Tuscany is the perfect example of best preserved historical evidence. It is in fact possible to admire Etruscan finds alongside other Romans, all in perfect harmony and in excellent condition, perfectly liveable thanks to the ideal location of holiday villas near Lucca, such as Villa Raffaelli. It is useless to dwell on the local gastronomy, one of the most important reasons to go for a Lucca villa rental.

Perfect choice for families and groups of friends looking for weekly Lucca holiday rentals

Tuscany is the ideal destination both for those traveling with their family and for those looking for short-term Lucca holiday villa rentals with friends. The activities to be done together with your children in Tuscany range from exploring the cities in a fun and playful way, family excursions, up to sports and activities immersed in the wonderful green valley of the Garfagnana, specially designed to please everyone and to make the Lucca holiday villa rentals perfect for you! Villa Raffaelli, a Lucca holiday house, is the ideal solution for friends looking for relaxation and fun. The ideal structure to alternate rest and activities in nature, without missing anything in the context of villa rental in Lucca.

A Lucca holiday villa with two swimming pool and an amazing Tuscan garden: don’t just book a single hotel room! Villa Raffaelli offers you the entire estate: enjoy an entire Renaissance Lucca villa rental with its original Tuscan farmyard, garden and two swimming pools.

The two-storey Lucca villa rental is equipped with 10 comfortable and luxurious beds, which contribute to making it one of the best Lucca holiday villas. A Lucca villa rental equipped with maps and information necessary to explore the surrounding area, but also with all the comforts to enjoy a wonderful stay inside. Equipped with two swimming pools, two barbeques and a fitness area, it will be possible to admire and enjoy the panorama of the Apuan Alps that surround it. The best you can ask for from Lucca holiday villa rentals.

Casa Vacanze Lucca e Dintorni

Visit Florence, Pisa and the valley of Garfagnana using a holiday home near Lucca as your basecamp

Not just an average Lucca holiday villa rental with a swimming pool: Villa Raffaelli is located in a strategic position, which allows you to visit Florence, Pisa and the natural valley of Garfagnana easily and in a short time. Garfagnana is an area of Tuscany known throughout the world for the beauty of its history and unspoiled nature. Nature, lakes, mountains and historic buildings attract tourists from all over the world looking for weekly holiday villas near Lucca. The Garfagnana is a hub for reaching all the surrounding towns, and this makes Villa Raffaelli the ideal holiday home in Lucca and its surroundings.

Casa Vacanze Lucca

Among all the Lucca holiday rentals, Villa Raffaelli is the holiday villa that will offer you an unforgettable experience

Exclusivity and privacy of a holiday villa in Lucca

In a Lucca holiday house, what makes the difference is the exclusivity of the stay. Villa Raffaelli offers a unique service: the high walls of the medieval fortification on which the villa is built will guarantee maximum privacy. Enjoy the exclusivity of a Renaissance villa rental Lucca, in its entirety.

Case Vacanze Lucca Villa Raffaelli

Thanks to Villa Raffaelli,  holiday villa near Lucca, you will have the view, the landscape, the unspoiled nature of the valley of Garfagnana just a few kilometers away from Lucca

Anyone looking for holiday villas near Lucca knows very well that Garfagnana will be one of the most popular destinations for their stay. Uncontaminated nature and breathtaking landscapes will make this Lucca holiday house the ideal solution to discover this area in the best possible way. Garfagnana is the territory enclosed between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Defined as the green island of Tuscany, it is the paradise of holiday villas in Lucca.

Lucca Casa Vacanze in Garfagnana

Lucca holiday house with swimming pool

Villa Raffaeli is among the holiday villas Lucca, the place where you can relax and feel pampered. In the Italian garden stands a transparent dome which hides a heated hydromassage pool inside, also ideal for winter time. Holidays in Lucca will be crowned with a toast under the stars at the illuminated swimming pool. All in absolute privacy thanks to the high sixteenth-century walls of the villa rental.

Lucca Casa Vacanze in Garfagnana

Enjoy activities and sports in Garfagnana thanks to a Lucca holiday villa rental

Not to be underestimated in choosing a Lucca holiday villa rental is the accessibility to the activities in the area. Villa Raffaelli is the Lucca holiday villa that offers opportunities in every season of the year. From summer outdoor activities where you can go fishing, hiking to thermal baths just a few steps away from the valley of Garfagnana; there are also winter sports such as cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering. With the a Lucca villa rental, you can enjoy these activities in total comfort and carefree. Do you want to know more about what to do in Garfagnana, discovering which are the best activities to try? We wrote an article about it.

Casa Vacanze Lucca e Dintorni

Thanks to Villa Raffaelli you will will be just a few steps away from Lucca, Florence and Pisa

The proximity of Villa Raffaelli to cities such as Lucca, Florence and Pisa simplifies the search for a villa rental in Lucca and its surroundings. Located in a connection point between the major road arteries, it will also make the weekly Lucca holiday villa rentals easy to manage and organize. It will not be a problem to reach the nearby cities, located a few kilometers away by car.

Casa Vacanze Lucca Firenze

Rent a real Renaissance villa with hundreds of years of history as a Lucca holiday villas

Live a true experience in a Lucca holiday villa that has been inhabited for centuries, rich in history, built by an important family from Lucca in 1582. A Lucca holiday villa rental that takes you back in time, bringing you back to the splendor of the Bourbon period of the 1800s.

Villa Vacanze Lucca

Watch our video about Villa Raffaelli, Lucca holiday house

Villa Raffaelli is the perfect example of a Lucca holiday villa, located just an hour’s drive from the city center, able to preserve the signs of the glorious time that was part of the villa’s past. A return to the origins, where simple things are appreciated, without ever giving up on pleasures and comfort. Holiday villas in Lucca have never been so pleasant.

Come, visit and experience the Garfagnana Valley, just an hour’s drive from your holidays in Lucca

Villa Raffaelli will be the reference point for your holidays in Lucca. Located in a strategic position, it is able to combine the naturalistic aspect of it’s place with the nearby Lucca city life. Ideal for Lucca holiday rentals and for stays with family or friends. Villa Raffaelli, thanks to the Garfagnana valley, is the combination of comfort and adventure you are looking for.

Holiday villa in Lucca perfect for hiking and biking

Garfagnana is land of amazing trekking and nature trails. Hiking in this natural paradise is the ideal way to get away from the routine and make the most of your Lucca villa rental and its surroundings. Lucca holiday home rentals has never been so interesting and adventurous. paths to explore the Garfagnana’s mountains, peaks that have very often been praised by famous Italian poets such as Dante and d’Annunzio. Natural attractions that combine the passion for hiking with the one of cycling. The bike itineraries accessible from this Lucca holiday villa are among the most diverse. Villa Raffaelli will put Mountain Bikes at your disposal for free, but the E-MTB rental services (for those who love assisted pedaling) are not lacking, and will give considerable help in organizing the bike weekend in Garfagnana. Do you want to know more about trekking in Garfagnana? Here are the best trekking trails for those visiting the Garfagnana. Do you like more being on two weels? Then discover the best bike routes in Garfagnana.

Affitto Breve Lucca

Lucca holiday rentals for adventurous experiences

There are many adventurous activities that can be undertaken in Garfagnana. With the support of Villa Raffaelli, one of the best holiday villas Lucca, it will be even easier to find the one that best suits your needs. This villa rental in Lucca is not just a holiday home, but a focal point among the best outdoor experiences in the area. Finding holiday villas near Lucca that can provide you with useful information about the best activities not to be missed can prove to be a valid help to navigate the many offers. Hang gliding flights, canyon parks, adventure parks and yoga in nature are some of the possible proposals.

Altalena sul Monte Forato Garfagnana Casa Vacanze Lucca

Lucca H0liday Villas to discover the extraordinary local gastronomic tradition

Often, the Lucca holiday rentals also have the purpose of discovering the local gastronomic proposal. Villa Raffaelli, also offering personalized cooking classes, is one of the best Lucca holiday villas where you can devote yourself to local food. In Garfagnana it is possible to find traditional mountain flavors such as mushrooms, soups and polenta, but also fish products, caught in local waterways. For those wishing to integrate gastronomic discovery into the relaxation of a holiday villa in Lucca with two swimming pool, Garfagnana is the ideal place.

Villa Raffaelli Casa Vacanze ed Agriturismo in Garfagnana, Toscana

Lots of wonderful towns and things to visit around your Lucca holiday rental

There are many attractions to visit in Garfagnana by relying on a holiday villas Lucca. If you want to find out more, read our full post on what to visit in Garfagnana. In any case, with a villa rental Lucca it will be possible to enter the territory and enjoy local places and traditions. From historical beauties to the wonders of nature, this territory will be able to please everyone.

Cosa vedere in Garfagnana? Castiglione!

Discover the Verrucole Fortress with a Lucca holiday rentals

A place located in Garfagnana, which still today represents a focal point of local medieval history. Right here, Neolithic settlements and Ligurian necropolis were found. Subsequently, other testimonies were left by the Romans, who made the famous Via Clodia pass right from this location. Renting one of the Lucca holiday villas in this area is the best way to discover the Verrucole Fortress, which dominates the valley thanks to its position on the heights of the Apuan Alps. If you want to find out more about the Fortress, read our post on what to visit in Garfagnana.

Casa Vacanze Lucca e Dintorni

Visit Campocatino passing by the Vagli Lake

Villa Raffaelli is among tourists’ favorite Lucca holiday villas not only for being a Lucca villa rental with two swimming pool, but also for being close to the best local attractions. Among them there is the Oasis of Campocatino. A real paradise to regenerate and disconnect from the daily frenzy. Thanks to Lucca holiday villas it is also possible to admire the mysterious lake of Vagli and the submerged village, or fly above the lake thanks to an incredible zip-line called “Il Volo dell’Angelo”, but we talked about this in detail in another article

San Pellegrino in Alpe, a high altitude village to visit for those staying in Lucca holiday villa

Those who decide to venture into the Garfagnana area often rely on structures such as Villa Raffaelli, a villa rental in Lucca, to alternate moments of relaxation with others that are more adrenaline-fueled and full of adventure. A very important factor in choosing a holiday villas Lucca and surroundings is the proximity to the Apuan Alps. San Pellegrino in Alpe is one of these places. With its 1525 meters high, it appears to be the highest village in Tuscany, a panoramic place and a pilgrimage destination for hundreds of years.

Lucca holiday villas to venture into unspoiled nature and mountains

Use a villa rental in Lucca as a base point for exploring the Monte Forato

This mountain owes its name to the presence of a hole 32 meters wide and 26 meters high. An ideal place to alternate the relax of a Lucca villa rental such as Villa Raffaelli which to the adrenaline of a mountain climb. There are several ways to reach the summit and to admire the fortifications and trenches of the Gothic line.

Monte Forato in Garfagnana

Trek on the Omo Morto while staying in a Lucca holiday villa

By renting holiday villas in Lucca it is possible to try your hand at discovering the legendary history of the Omo Morto of Mount Pania. A legend that is linked to the local tradition of shepherds and which saw a young man sacrifice himself for the love of a girl. It was he who gave the name to the mountain whose profile recalls a person lying on his back. Even today it is the destination of many hikers who choose Lucca holiday villas as a support for their travels. Here is an article that talks about the best trekking routes in Garfagnana, also including the Omo Morto.

Monte Forato in Garfagnana


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